Friday, October 1, 2010

Haul #3 - MAC Venomous Villains

Super Duper Excited. 

I purposely skipped MAC fabulous felines collection because I wanna save some money for this venomous villains collection.

Yesterday MAC exclusively launched this collection on 2 venues. 

It launched on 10.30 am and by 11 am some of the stuff is already out of stock. Luckily I came early and got everything on my must have list. There are a few items that i still wanna get, but i still have a chance when they launch island-wide. 

So, enough of the talk and let's get started ^^

1. Dr. Facilier 

There is nothing really on my must have list from Dr. Facilier. All of the pigments is either permanent or a repromote from the "Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection" from last year. 

I HATE lipgelee. Anyway i bought all of the lipgelee from the MAC in Lilyland collection earlier this year and the one in Dr. Facilier's collection is just a repromote from that one. 

The other thing in this part of the collection is grease paint stick. I am just not sold to the colours they are having.

I really wanna get the magically cool liquid powder, but the stock is not in yet, so i will have to go back to my MAC counter once they have it in stock. My recommendation is to get the lighter one if you have a light to medium skin tone and the darker one if you have a darker skin tone. 

I did get something from this collection though. I just have this picture in my mind that this and all of the beauty powders made the collection. 

- I'm so vain mirror 

Look at how crazy he looks. haha..

2. Cruella De Vil

- Wicked Ways Lipglass

Described as semi-opaque bright cherry red. I thought this will look crazy on me. Surprisingly it looks nice and wearable. 
This is a close up look of the colour 

- Sweet Joy Eyeshadow

described as pale gold frost 

I think this will be a gorgeous highlight colour. 
Temptalia noted that this is similar to Creme Royal eyeshadow, which I found i have from the Hello Kitty Collection. I have to say, they are pretty different. Creme royal is definitely more yellow than this. 

- Her Own Devices Beauty Powder

described as sheer medium beige sheen

As all of beauty powder, this is very sheer and it has some sheen when applied to the skin. 

Swatches from Cruella De Vil

left to right: Wicked Ways Lipglass, Sweet Joy Eyeshadow, Her Own Devices Beauty Powder 

3. Evil Queen

- Strange Potion Lipglass

Described as semi-opaque pink coral 
This is one of my must have. It looks gorgeous and applied like heaven. 

- Vile Violet Eyeshadow 

Described as darkened violet with blue matte

-Bite of an Apple Blush

Described as intense bright coral-pink matte

- Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

Described as soft petal pink shimmer sheen 

Swatches from Evil Queen

Left to right: Vile Violet Eyeshadow, Bite of an Apple Blush, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, Strange Potion Lipglass

4. Maleficent

- Revenge is Sweet Lipglass

Described as sheer, jelly-ish medium pink

look at that crazy bird. I hate the bird!

- Dark Deed Lipstick

Described as Reddened black-brown amplified 

- She Who Dares Mineralize Eyeshadow

Described as blackened navy blue / dirty green

- Briar Rose Beauty Powder 

Described as cool toned medium blue pink 

- Bad Fairy and Formidable nail polish

Left to Right: Bad Fairy, Formidable 

Bad Fairy : shimmery red, copper, gold
Formidable : shimmery teal, blue, violet

I would have to say, if you are not a big nail polish person, don't buy these. I kinda regret buying these to tell you the truth. 

The duo or triple chrome is not so obvious. You need to look it at a certain light and close to your eyes to get the full effect. If not it will just look flat and boring.

Swatches from Maleficent 

This is how flat the nail polishes look without the full effect. If you wanna see the cool effect, just see the swatches in I can't seem to capture that in pictures. 

Left to right : Revenge is Sweet Lipglass, Dark Deed lipstick, She Who Dares Eyeshadow (both are applied dry), Briar Rose Beauty Powder

So that's all i have from this collection. I hope this is somewhat helpful. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that all of the description is taken from temptalia cheat sheet which you can find here: 

check it out if you are thinking about what to get because it is really helpful ^^

Enjoy your weekend 

Couture MACqueen

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