Sunday, October 31, 2010

Benefit holiday set

I am back in town!!! ^^

yesterday i paid a visit to sephora near my house because i have a 40 dollar voucher that is almost expired. 

I ended up purchasing more than i thought i would. 

A few weeks back when i got my copy of benefit's fall/holiday 2010 catalogue, i have planed to get one of their holiday limited edition set or palette. Benefit's sets are always really worth it. You will pay littler money then if you buy them separately. (that's the reason why i hardly ever buy benefit's items separately) 

So for this holiday i purchased "Some Beauty To Love" set, which looks like this:

I did not know that they have this set. because in the catalogue they only have this one:

The boxes look really similar, but i am glad that they have a completely different things inside.

So, instead of some kind a gorgeous (that i HATE) and high beam (that i already have), this is what's inside: 

- A full size of benefit coralista powder box
- A full size of benefit eye bright
- A generous sample size of benefit bad gal lash
- A sample size of that gal face primer

This is such a perfect set for me. I have never had any of these and also been dying to try these out. 

This set's value is most probably twice of what i paid. 

Coralista Blush 

I have been waiting for this to come out in a set for almost a year. A lot of people say that this is really comparable to NARS Orgasm blush, so here is a them side by side:

They kinda look pretty similar in pan, but this is the swatch:

Yea, they are pretty different. Coralista is in cooler tone pink if you compare it with orgasm. 

I like both, but they are certainly NOT comparable. 

I have to say that benefit's powder boxes packaging are mostly pretty, but they are not ergonomic. I like to use a big fluffy brush for my blush, like MAC 134 or Sigma 150. The problem is, they don't fit in benefit's powder boxes. The brush that benefit provide is too scratchy and bad quality!

A Little Bit of Bad Gal Lash

I heard a lot of good reviews about this mascara. That's why i wanted to try this so BAD. 

And here is how the brush looks like :

That Gal Face primer

I think this is supposed to give your skin a brightening effect by putting some illuminator in it. when blended this primer will leave your skin looking dewy 

Eye Bright

Instant eye brightener. you can use this in the inner corner of your eyes to open up your eyes a bit or even on your brow bone to highlight. 

I do have benefit high brow, which is made specially for brow bone highlighting. 

so here is swatches of both side by side:

left to right: That Gal, Eye Bright, High Brow

They are pretty similar. There is only a slight of different undertone. Eye bright is slightly more pink than high brow. 

In conclusion, i think this is a very "worth-the-money" set. I do recommend you guys to pick this up while they still have some stock left. I think this will sell out pretty fast ^^

That's all for today, i wished you all have a great monday >_<


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