Sunday, January 23, 2011

is it time for project 10 pans???

hi everyone, sorry for the silent treatment!

I've been very busy with work and everything else.

Haven't been hauling. Haven't even got time to enjoy the mall T_T

So, i've been "shopping my stash" and realized that i will not be able to finish my makeup for a lifetime.

That got me thinking, maybe this is the right time to start project 10 pan. Or is it??

Maybe i should wait to do it till after MAC's peacocky collection.

Hmphhh... I don't know, i'll update u guys again once i start my project 10 pans! ^^


Couture MACqueen

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Concealer of 2010

Time for concealer of 2010 ^^

Let's just get started

1. Make Up For Ever "5 Camouflage Cream Palette" 

Mine is in the palette no 1. It came with 5 shades with one green concealer to correct any redness. I don't use all of the color though. I mostly only use the third and fourth color. This palette is useful for me to do makeup on other people, but if you only want a concealer for yourself, you can just buy one of the shade in a jar form. 

The consistency is more or less like MAC studio finish concealer, but i fell like this one give more coverage. 

2. Amazing Cosmetics "Amazing Concealer" 

This is a medium to full coverage concealer with a liquid consistency. Easy to blend and good coverage. Great for the under eye area, but i don't really recommend this on the rest of the face. It doesn't dry and it slides easily without being set with powder. I once left a tiny dot of this concealer on my palette in my room. I left it for the whole day and when i came back at night it's still pretty runny and liquid-y. 

3. Maybelline "Age rewind Double Face Perfector" 

This is the one that came in with highlighter. This is probably one of the best concealer i have ever tried. It's a liquid concealer with great coverage. it dries on the skin and did not slide around. The highlight is pretty good. The only problem i have with this concealer is that it came in a TINY tube. If you use this everyday, you would probably run out of concealer in 2-3 weeks. 

4. Shu Uemura "Pro Concealer" 

This concealer is not as creamy as MAC studio finish concealer, so it takes more effort in blending, but the coverage is way better. I really don't recommend this for the under eye though, because it has such dry consistency. It also crease pretty easily. I use this mainly on my acne scaring and by far this is the concealer that stays on the longest on my face.

5. Laneige "Snow Crystal Dual Foundation"

This foundation came in with the concealer. I did a full review of the foundation, but never talk about the concealer. I have to say this would probably be the winner for concealer of 2010. I've hit pan on mine (the picture was taken when i first got the foundation). The concealer is creamy enough that it's easy to blend, full coverage, not sticky, stays on all day, it's basically AMAZING. 

So, that's all for concealer of 2010. 

I hope this is helpful


Couture MACqueen

Monday, January 10, 2011

MAC haul feat. Cham Pale, Stylishly Yours, and Mickey Contractor

Last friday MAC launched 3 of their new collections here in Singapore, which are cham pale, stylishly yours, and mickey contractor collections. 

To be honest with you, i'm not really excited about these, but of course i still have to check them out to put myself out of misery. 

CHAM PALE collection

The only thing i want from this collection is the special reserve highlight powder in rose ole. 
The paint pots are not pigmented enough. To me they just look like a bunch of glitters. 
The lip gelee... hmmm.. let's not even go there. I HATE lip gelee despite of what everyone else said. I bought all of the lip gelee from MAC in lilyland collection and i don't even use them. they make my lips itchy and very uncomfortable. 

So i only got :
1. rose ole special reserve highlight powder, which looks like this, 

(swatches will be at the end of this post)

This is a really pretty blush color if you have light to medium skin tone or it will work as highlight for darker skin tone. I personally use this as blush because it is a very nice everyday color. 

Anyway, as you can see in the picture, i bought 2 of this. I'm thinking about doing some sort of a giveaway once i hit a certain number of followers. I've had some other stuff that i have prepared as well. So, follow this blog if you are interested in any giveaways. ^^

2. I got no kick eye kohl

I did not plan on getting this, but when i tried it on, i fell in love. This eye kohl is described as a metallic champagne color. Lovely to brighten up your eyes. i use this mainly on my lower lash line. My only regret is that it looks exactly the same with Make Up For Ever aqua eyes eyeliner in 23L. In the swatch above, the left on is i got no kick and the right one is MUFE 23L. The difference is that MAC eye kohl is way smoother and easier to apply while the MUFE aqua eyes stays on longer. 


I am never a big fan of wearing bold color makeup on myself, so I'm only interested in these:

1. Too Chic beauty powder 

3 of these collections have some sort of highlighter. Cham pale has "chez chez lame", mickey contractor has "gana blush", and stylishly yours has "too chic beauty powder". You can definitely just choose one of these. They are all quite similar. I love beauty powders. They have a very beautiful finish. 

2. Neon Orange Lipstick (amplified)

(the picture on the right is closer to the lipstick in person)

I have been looking for a great orange color lipstick for ever since i saw ashley greene's photo shoot for seventeen magazine. But this is nothing like it. On the lips it looks almost red. 


At first there is nothing i want from this collection, but when i saw the eyeshadow, i fell in love with "oomph" eyeshadow, it's a veluxe pearl. (I'm a sucker for VP's eyeshadows).

I saw the promotional images and noticed that in one of the picture the model is using this all over her lid, and looks supereb! 

-back to MAC-

I back to MAC some of my empty container, so these are what i chose:

1. Shy Girl Lipstick (cremesheen)

2. Pinkydee Lipstick (lustre)

3. Faux Lipstick (satin)

4. Blankety Lipstick (amplified)


(picture taken indoor)

(picture taken outdoor)

(taken indoor) L-R: Neon Orange, Shy Girl, Pinkydee, Faux, Blankety 

(taken outdoor) L-R: Neon Orange, Shy Girl, Pinkydee, Faux, Blankety 

That's all i got from MAC, I hope you guys enjoy this post!!


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Friday, January 7, 2011

Foundations of 2010

It's 3.21 am now and what the heck am i doing here, writing a post.

I'm just trying to be a good blogger. although i might not post this right away.

anyway, let's move on to the foundations of 2010

So, last year i tried so many foundations that i even lost count, but these are a few that stuck to me for quite sometime.

1. MAC face and body foundation

This is a water based foundation. Light to medium coverage with dewey finish. This is the kind of foundation you wanna use if you want to look as natural as possible. My only problem with this is that it's not long wearing. I find that my foundation separates within 4-5 hours. Another bummer is once you apply the foundation it leaves a very sticky feeling to your skin. 

I find that i need to include this in foundation of 2010 because i kinda use this for months, which is a very long time, knowing how many foundations i have. But after trying a bunch of new stuff, i think i'm safe to say i don't recommend this foundation. 

2. Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation 

This is now my go to foundation for everyday use. Check out more about this foundation in my review.

3. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation

This is like my splurge foundation. I really like this foundation, but because of the price, this is not something i wanna use in daily basis. I only use this foundation for special occasion. 

Click here for my full review about this foundation.

So, that wraps everything up. I hope this is helpful.

See you next with concealer of 2010 ^^


Couture MACqueen

Primer of 2010

Sorry for the slight delay. wednesday was my birthday, so was a bit carried over.

So anyway, let's start from the the primer of 2010.

Basically during 2010 i've tried so many primers. for example: Urban Decay's complexion primer potions, de slick in a tube, MAC fortified skin enhancer, MAC BB cream, etc. But the only one that stands out is Shu Uemura UV under base mousse.

This beats everything else. No joke. This is probably part of my skin care routine. I can't go a day without it.

It came with 2 shades, beige and pink. I'm asian, so beige is a better bet for me. It doesn't give coverage, but it definitely brighten the skin. I've gone through a few of these.

Another reason why i like this primer so much is because it kinda remove the stickiness of moisturizer.

Last reason why i love this so much is because of the SPF 30 PA+++. None of my skin care routine has SPF in it. So this also work as my sunblock.

So that's it for my primer of 2010..

see u next with foundation of 2010.. ^^

hope you guys have a great friday!


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Monday, January 3, 2011

Products of year 2010

Hi guys, 

Right now in youtube there are a lot of youtube gurus who did products of the year 2010. 

In case you have never seen this before, this is a way of showing people stuffs that you have been loving for the year 2010. 

So, for the next couple of days I will be doing some post showing you category of stuff that i have been loving last year. For example: "Favorite Blush of 2010", "Favorite Foundation of 2010", etc.

Do expect the first post by tomorrow. ^^ 

I hope you guys find this series helpful


Couture MACqueen

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Little Update

Hi everyone.. ^^ Long time no see..

Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates it and Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you guys have a great year ahead.

I just wanna do a little update in case you are wondering what i've been doing.. 

Well, the past 2 months which is november and december i have been busy preparing for the holiday season. I went back to my hometown and haven't had time to update anything on the internet. 

Good news, I'm back. I hope i will have more time to update this blog. 

I wish all of you the best and i'll start posting again real soon. 


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