Saturday, June 4, 2011

Burberry - Lip Cover No.22, Delicate Rose

Again, this is not a brand that is available in Singapore. Damn it! I declare that Burberry makeup is now my favorite makeup brand. 

Anyway, this is the fruit of my sneaking around during my Hong Kong business trip.

The packaging is super sleek and elegant. Everything about burberry makeup define its brand. The colours are very practical and the formulas are amazing. 

The colour that i chose is a rosy nude colour. Perfect for everyday use. 

Burberry claims that their lip covers contains anti aging property for fuller looking lips. Besides that, the lipstick also contains a combination of nourishing oils with dispersed pigment for moisturizing and long lasting finish. I don't know about the long lasting part, but i sure do believe that this lipstick is very moisturizing. The colour blends very easily and looks very natural on the lips. 

(L-R): Burberry "Trench", Burberry "Misty Blush", and Burberry Lip Cover in "Delicate Rose"

Give it a try!! I hope this is helpful ^^


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