Friday, December 23, 2011

What's Your Red This Holiday??

Yea, It's the season to use red. ^^

I don't usually use red lipstick or anything, but if there is a time to use it, it is now! 

So here is some of my choice for luscious red lips. 

1. MAC Viva Glam Cyndi 
This is probably my go to red. It's quite sheer that it doesn't overpower my my whole look. 

2. MAC Blood Red (Limited edition from the Dsquared collection)

3. NARS Joyous Red 
A brownish red that is easy to pull off. 

4. MAC Russian Red 
Probably one of the most famous red from MAC. It's either this or Ruby Woo (which I don't own)

5. MAC Dubonnet 
This is quite a dark colour for my liking, but a sheer layer of this over russian red is definitely awesome 

6. MAC Cockney 
This is my first MAC lipstick ever. 

I definitely need to learn how to take all my pictures from the same angle. It looks like these pictures are from different lips. The cloudy weather was not helping as well. It really mess up the whole lighting. >.<

Anyway, I hope you are inspired to find that perfect red lipstick. I don't believe in the whole warm and cool colour theory. Just go to a makeup store, try all the reds they have, and buy the one you are most comfortable wearing. It's no brain surgery ^^

I hope you guys have a better holiday than me. I'm sick in the middle of holiday season. Stuck on my bed isn't what I imagined this holiday would be. 


Couture MACqueen 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

MUFE - Rouge Artist Intense 40

I've rambled quite a bit on my last post, so this one is gonna be more straight forward. 

Here is the lipstick:

I'm obsessed with Orange colour lipsticks since I saw Ashley Greene on seventeen magazine last summer. 

I don't think this is the one she was using. Hers was way more orange. She is super gorgeous in this pic ^^ LOVE IT!

Anyway, here is a comparison of some of my orange lipsticks:

L-R: Etude House Miss Tangerine, Topshop Lips in Infrared, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 40, and MAC Neon Orange.

If you wanna know my thought on the formula of this lipstick, look at my previous post ^^


Couture MACqueen 

MUFE - Rouge Artist Intense 36

I finally found this lipstick! I'm not sure why, but, it seems like I can hardly find anything here. Most of the stuff that I want is always sold out. Maybe it's because of the ridiculous law for importing any stuff like toiletries, makeup, and food. Even the MAC counter here is not interesting. The MUA are rude and they can't even put makeup on themselves. They won't even tell you when a collection is coming out. Some of the displays are even empty. 

Sigh.. enough with the rambling. Here is the lipstick 

In real life the colour is more vibrant. (I applied a very sheer amount on my lips here) 

Here is a comparison between this and the Kate Moss for Rimmel no 02

L-R: Kate Moss for Rimmel No 02 and MUFE Rouge Artist Intense 36

The Rimmel lipstick is definitely more reddish, while this one is more of a shocking pink colour. 

I think MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks is crawling to my top 5 lipstick formula. Based on the 3 colours I've tried, I can say that they are very opaque with not so much shimmer (I don't really like shimmery lipsticks. I'd rather add shimmer from lipgloss) and they are not drying. 

As bright as this might be, it is actually quite wearable. So, if you are tired of your neutral lipsticks, check this out, you might like this ^^


Couture MACqueen 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kate Moss for Rimmel London

One of my best friend went to UK a few months ago, and while she were there, she asked me if i want something. So, without hesitation, I asked her to get me these,

Three Kate Moss for Rimmel London Lipsticks. The colours are no 8, 2, and 4

No 8

No 4

No 2

Here's the swatch:

No 4, 8, 2

No 2
The swatch here is not doing the colour any justice. In real live, the lipstick is a bright fuschia pink. A really gorgeous shocking pink. 

No 4
A vampy purple colour. This makes me look a bit emo. haha.. Anyway, I wasn't looking for another wearable lipstick colour. I've had too many of those. 

No 8
This is the only wearable colour that i allow myself to buy. I just can't resist this. It's a really pretty nude that can be used on a daily basis.

My overall thought on these lipsticks are that they are very pigmented, smell nice (fruity, but not overpowering), and very moisturizing. I wish I were able to pick up more of these. 


Couture MACqueen 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Black Lipstick???

Hey Guys, 

Do you have a black lipstick? Do you think you will ever need a black lipstick?? 

Well, after I went through my lipstick collection, I realized I've never bought any black lipstick. So, I went to a mall yesterday and found this lipstick by Make Up For Ever.

Rouge artist intense no 50. I was gonna get 2 more, which are the no 36 and 40 (a shocking pink and a bright orange), but they were out of stock :(

Anyway, here is the lipstick :

Will I ever use this to go out? Probably no, but I think I can use this for mixing or darkening other lipsticks. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend :D


Couture MACqueen 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - I'm not innocent

Hi everyone ^^

I know I haven't been blogging for quite some time.. Life has just been super busy. On top of that, my dad just had a surgery. So I spent the last two weeks in the hospital. He's okay now though :-)

Anyway, earlier this month, I got a chance to go to Hong Kong and accidentally found a store in causewaybay that sells Deborah Lippmann and butter London nail polishes. I can't remember the name of the store exactly. I'll tell you guys when I remember.

Anyway, one of the colour that i wanted was "I'm not innocent". Ever sice I saw it on fleur de force's blog, I can't stop thinking about it. So, here is a swatch of it:

Pardon my sloppy swatch. I was in a hurry when i applied it. 

I don't think this will replace my MAC blissed out (which is my go-to nude polish). I'm not sure though, it might grow on me. To tell you the truth, I haven't had much luck with Deborah Lippmann's nail polishes. Three of the colours I've tried peeled off and chipped super easily. Especially the glitter one like Across The Universe. The pigmentation however is amazing. I'm gonna try to use other base coat. I owe it to my wallet to try loving these. haha.. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend. 


Couture MACqueen 

Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 Favorites

It's the end of the month, so it's time for monthly favorite! 

I've been traveling a lot for the past two months, so most of these are things that i carry around with me. 

Here it goes:

Skin Food - Black Sugar Mask
I use this mostly as face scrub. It makes my skin feel super smooth (I'll do a review on this soon).

Etude House - Essence Mask (Collagen)
I always feel like my skin dries out every time i have long hour flight. This mask helps moisturize and tighten the skin. I'm totally addicted to this mask. I know Etude house has a lot of different kind of masks. I've personally tried most of them, but this is my favorite. I always have at least 20 packs of this in my house. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
This is my current favorite foundation. I will definitely do a separate review for this. 

L-R: Bare Minerals - matte foundation and Bare Minerals - mineral veil
These are what I use when I'm feeling lazy or when I don't have much time to do my makeup. I'll also do a separate review for these. 

Laura Mercier - Secret Camouflage Concealer
Best concealer I've ever tried. Amazingly light consistency, but gives a lot of coverage. 

Garnier - light BB eye roll on
This is an easy fix to brighten your face. I use this mainly as my under eye concealer. Easy to use and very good consistency. It doesn't settle on fine lines and doesn't crease throughout the day. 

Dior - Amber Diamond highlighting powder
I haven't been wearing any highlighter during the month of August, but once i tried this on, I use this on a daily basis. I've heard a lot of rave upon this product, but I always shake my head and think "How can this be any different with any MAC MSFs?! How much better can this be!". But now, I'm proven wrong. This is so much better than MSFs. The shimmer is so fine that it almost looks like a sheen. And this is actually the product that JLo's makeup artist use on her, to achieve those gorgeous glow on her skin.

Chanel - Pink explosion blush
I've had this for quite a while, but never really use it. So, on my trip to South Africa, I decided to bring this just so i can use it up. I ended up falling in love with this blush. It creates the most gorgeous pinky flush on your skin. The shimmer is just so beautiful. 

L-R: Bare Minerals - hypershine (Glisten) and Bare Minerals - vanilla sugar eyeshadow
I've been very lazy lately, so I use this two for my everyday look. All I do is, I spread glisten all over my lid, and use vanilla sugar to blend the edges. I also use vanilla sugar at the inner corner to make me look more awake. (my mom always say that i am a bat. I mostly sleep during day time and awake at night. So i really need a boost of inner corner highlight)

Revlon - Brow Fantasy in light brown
Again, a very lazy brow fix product. I didn't even use the pencil, i only use the brow gel. I have a very dark hair, but I choose light brown because the dark brown colour is just way too dark. This shade works okay on me. 

Dolly Wink liquid liner
Love Love Love this eyeliner. This is the "marker" style liner. It has a very fine felt tip so it's perfect for a precise thin line. I even love this more than my Lancome artliner. 

Maybelline volum' express one by one 
I did a separate review on these. Please check it out if you want to know more about these mascaras. Click Here

L-R: MAC 2N lipglass, Bourjois Effect 3D Max in no 66, Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint
MAC 2N Lipglass is my all time favorite lipgloss. I probably have a few application left. I need to open my back up soon ^^
This Bourjois lipglass is something that i've just discover. It's super smooth, nice finish, and not sticky at all. It also has a very unique applicator. 
Jack Black lip balm is probably the best lip balm ever. I used to swore by carmex, but this one blow carmex out of the line. I find this lip balm is not greasy at all. It's very moisturizing and it stays on for very long. It also has SPF of 25, which a lot of people neglect to care, but, your lips, like your skin, also needs protection.

Bath and Body Works body spray in sweet pea and warm vanilla sugar
A very small range of bath and body works are now available in Changi airport DFS. I was beyond excited to find these. Warm vanilla sugar is definitely my favorite BBW scent. It always makes me happy to smell that. On the contrary I really hate sweet pea when I tried it as a candle, but I think as body spray, it kinda works. I spray both of these EVERY WHERE. literally every where. On my body (Duh!), in my room, on my clothes, on my soft toys, on my bed. I probably shouldn't spray these on my bed, but, oh well i don't care. 

The Original beauty blender sponge 
Beauty blender is finally available in singapore. I found this at Bugis BHG. It retails for 29.95 SGD (if i remember correctly). Kinda expensive don't you think? But for what it's worth, I think this is an egg sent from heaven for all makeup junkies (I'm being hyperbolic). Anyway, this little egg has replaced all of my foundation brushes. This gives the most flawless foundation finish. The only down side is that it's kinda hard to clean. 

That's all for my favorites this month.. *Pheeewwww* What a long post. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend. (I hope I do too ^^ )


Couture MACqueen

Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Steps to - Smokey Brown Eyes

This is a very simple look. I was just experimenting with my dad's compact camera (Canon IXUS 310HS). I usually use my DSLR to take pictures for this blog. The quality of DSLR pics are no doubt amazing, but I have problems taking picture of myself. That's why I never do tutorial. It's just impossible to take pictures of my own face without the help of another person. 

Anyway, here it is. I hope the pics are good enough. 

I use NARS smudgeproof eye primer. This will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. 

You can skip this step if you want, but I just like to even out my eye lid and I find using cream shadow help bring out the eyeshadow colour you are gonna use. Just use something that is close to your skin tone and matte. 

The lid colour that I use in here is MAC modelette eyeshadow. It's a limited edition eyeshadow, but you can just use anything that is one shade darker than your skin tone. I apply this all over my lid with a flat shader brush (In the picture, I'm using MAC 239).

I darken up the middle and outer corner of the lid with MAC soba eyeshadow (just use anything that is two shade darker than your skin tone and matte). In here, i use the back side of the brush I use to apply modelette. 

I apply MAC espresso on my crease (not going towards the outer V corner). Just use any matte dark brown eyeshadow if you don't have espresso. In here I use a very tiny brush (MAC 214) because i want a precise application on the crease. 

Blend the crease colour until there is no harsh line. I use sigma tapered blending brush (E40), but any blending brush will do. 

Next, I use MAC soft brown to give more dimension to the eyes. I apply this on top of espresso as a transition colour. MAC soft brown is just a matte warm tone brown. I use the same E40 to do this. 

Highlight your inner corner and brow bone. In here I use MAC shroom, it has a really nice sheen. Any highlight colour will do. You can even use a matte eyeshadow. 

Do a very thin line on the upper lash line using your favorite eyeliner. I use Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner because it has a very thin felt tip applicator. 

Lastly put on your mascara and false lashes. 

In the end i decided to line my lower lash line as well. I use Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner. You can totally skip this step if you want. 

Anyway, that's my 10 step to smokey brown eyes. 

Have a great weekend everyone ^^


Couture MACqueen