Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Steps to - Smokey Brown Eyes

This is a very simple look. I was just experimenting with my dad's compact camera (Canon IXUS 310HS). I usually use my DSLR to take pictures for this blog. The quality of DSLR pics are no doubt amazing, but I have problems taking picture of myself. That's why I never do tutorial. It's just impossible to take pictures of my own face without the help of another person. 

Anyway, here it is. I hope the pics are good enough. 

I use NARS smudgeproof eye primer. This will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. 

You can skip this step if you want, but I just like to even out my eye lid and I find using cream shadow help bring out the eyeshadow colour you are gonna use. Just use something that is close to your skin tone and matte. 

The lid colour that I use in here is MAC modelette eyeshadow. It's a limited edition eyeshadow, but you can just use anything that is one shade darker than your skin tone. I apply this all over my lid with a flat shader brush (In the picture, I'm using MAC 239).

I darken up the middle and outer corner of the lid with MAC soba eyeshadow (just use anything that is two shade darker than your skin tone and matte). In here, i use the back side of the brush I use to apply modelette. 

I apply MAC espresso on my crease (not going towards the outer V corner). Just use any matte dark brown eyeshadow if you don't have espresso. In here I use a very tiny brush (MAC 214) because i want a precise application on the crease. 

Blend the crease colour until there is no harsh line. I use sigma tapered blending brush (E40), but any blending brush will do. 

Next, I use MAC soft brown to give more dimension to the eyes. I apply this on top of espresso as a transition colour. MAC soft brown is just a matte warm tone brown. I use the same E40 to do this. 

Highlight your inner corner and brow bone. In here I use MAC shroom, it has a really nice sheen. Any highlight colour will do. You can even use a matte eyeshadow. 

Do a very thin line on the upper lash line using your favorite eyeliner. I use Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner because it has a very thin felt tip applicator. 

Lastly put on your mascara and false lashes. 

In the end i decided to line my lower lash line as well. I use Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner. You can totally skip this step if you want. 

Anyway, that's my 10 step to smokey brown eyes. 

Have a great weekend everyone ^^


Couture MACqueen

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