Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maybelline Volum' Express One by One

This is one of my favorite mascara right now, so I thought, why not do a post about it. 

Two months ago when i was at Changi airport, I saw the volum' express one by one mascara (the non waterproof one). It was at the duty free shop. No tax = cheap. haha.. I bought this at 15 singapore dollars. I tried this at home and totally fell in love with the mascara. 

Here is how the wand looks like:

As you can see the formula is quite wet and it has the rubber wand (which I love). 

Here is my eyelashes with one coat of this mascara 

It gives more volume, but it doesn't separate the lashes as good as the waterproof one and as usual, non waterproof mascara doesn't really hold the curl that well. 

Never the less I like this mascara because it gives more volume to my lashes and it is totally great for layering. It doesn't clump up easily. 

I love layering this mascara with Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara. It gives more drama and the waxy formula from hypnose holds the curl pretty well. This combination gives me a pretty good smudge-proof mascara and non flaky. 

Anyway, on my way to South Africa, I have to transit in Singapore for 8 hours during friday night peak hour (not the best time to travel from the airport to city). So I decided to stay in Changi airport. And there in the duty free shop i saw the waterproof formula. 

So, here it is:

As you can see, it has a dryer formula. It actually has the same wand with the non waterproof one, but because it's dryer, the mascara isn't clumping in the wand and it looks spikier. 

So the waterproof formula gives more length and separation. It also holds the curl pretty well. 

Because the formula is dryer, I find that it's easier to apply on my short lashes. There is not much mascara on the end of the spikes, so when you accidentally touch your eyelid with the wand, there won't be mascara smudging on the lids. It's super easy to apply on the bottom lashes as well. 

So, in conclusion, I think both mascara is great for layering. It's kinda hard to make your eyelashes clumpy with these mascaras. I love the waterproof one for everyday use (when i'm too lazy to layer my mascaras), while the non waterproof one, i love layered with lancome hypnose mascara (this combo gives more volume). 

Hope this is helpful ^^


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