Thursday, September 29, 2011

South Africa Trip

Wow.. It's been 2 months since my last blog post. Live has  been quite crazy. 

After my last blog post, I spent 2 weeks trying to apply for South African Visa (It took so long cause there was some technical problem). Then, I went to South Africa for 11 days and came back to Singapore for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks in Singapore, I was sick most of the time, and when I wasn't sick, I was busy packing all of my stuff to be sent to Indonesia. Now, I'm back in Indonesia, in my comfy room and messy studio. Sigh.. My health condition has been up and down for the past week, but today, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Anyway, I was gonna do a haul for all of the stuff that i got from South Africa and Singapore, but it's just gonna be a very loooooooong haul, cause i did splurge quite a bit (I will not be going back to Sg in a long time and my brother, who stays in Singapore, is not gonna be so happy if I ask him to buy makeup for me). 

This is not gonna be a makeup related post, but since this blog is about 'All Things Beautiful', I'm gonna show you some of the pictures i took in South Africa. 

The Palace Hotel 

The Palace Hotel 

 The Palace Hotel

 The Palace Hotel

Entabeni Lodge

The view from my window at Entabeni  Lodge

Game Drive

Game Drive 

Game Drive 


Cheetah cubs (6 weeks old) 

Not very sure where this is, but i think Cape Town

Cape Town

South Africa is one of the most beautiful place I've ever been. This is definitely one of the place that i want to revisit (aside from paris, scandinavia, Las Vegas, LA, Santorini, etc). 

If you guys plan to go there, make sure you visit knysna. It's a super beautiful town that kinda remind me of Santorini, Greece. 

And also, Entabeni, this is where i did the game drive (I went on an open jeep and drive around the savanna to see the animals in their natural habitat). 

Ohh...! Don't forget to go to Cape Town as well. visit the cape of good hope. it's the place where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet. It's super beautiful!!

Oh Gosh! so many beautiful places. If you are thinking of having a holiday, you must definitely consider South Africa as your destination. 

I have so much more pictures that i wanna share, but it literally took me an hour to upload these. The internet connection in Indo is always slow. 

I hope you guys are enjoying yourself too.. 
Have a great day ^^


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