Sunday, December 18, 2011

MUFE - Rouge Artist Intense 36

I finally found this lipstick! I'm not sure why, but, it seems like I can hardly find anything here. Most of the stuff that I want is always sold out. Maybe it's because of the ridiculous law for importing any stuff like toiletries, makeup, and food. Even the MAC counter here is not interesting. The MUA are rude and they can't even put makeup on themselves. They won't even tell you when a collection is coming out. Some of the displays are even empty. 

Sigh.. enough with the rambling. Here is the lipstick 

In real life the colour is more vibrant. (I applied a very sheer amount on my lips here) 

Here is a comparison between this and the Kate Moss for Rimmel no 02

L-R: Kate Moss for Rimmel No 02 and MUFE Rouge Artist Intense 36

The Rimmel lipstick is definitely more reddish, while this one is more of a shocking pink colour. 

I think MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks is crawling to my top 5 lipstick formula. Based on the 3 colours I've tried, I can say that they are very opaque with not so much shimmer (I don't really like shimmery lipsticks. I'd rather add shimmer from lipgloss) and they are not drying. 

As bright as this might be, it is actually quite wearable. So, if you are tired of your neutral lipsticks, check this out, you might like this ^^


Couture MACqueen 

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