Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foundation review - Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation

What? another foundation review? 

Yea, because i wanna tell you guys of everything great and BAD that i find. 

I know finding the right foundation is kinda hard. Every skin has different problems and preferences. I myself have tried A LOT of foundations, ranging from drugstore to the department store to the high end products. 

Anyway let's just get started with the review.

I heard a lot of mix review about this foundation. Some of my friends LOVE this foundation and there are several that really, i mean REALLY hate it. 

So, i checked it at makeup alley and the rating there is 4.2 out of 5. That is pretty amazing. 

As always, i recommend everyone to check temptalia's foundation matrix before purchasing any foundation. It is pretty accurate. 

I am an NC 25 so my perfect match is in the shade no 23. 

This foundation came in with the matching concealer. This is how it looks like:

It came is with 30 ml of foundation like most other foundation such as the giorgio armani's, MAC studio fix fluid, MUFE HD, revlon photoready, etc. 

It retails for SGD $55 in singapore. I bought mine in Hong Kong of only a few dollars cheaper. 

I believe it is about the same price as MAC studio fix fluid, a bit cheaper than MUFE HD, and about half the price of Giorgio Armani's. 

This is a light to medium coverage foundation. The consistency is quite runny. Not as creamy as MUFE HD but also not as watery as MAC face and body foundation. A little bit more runny than studio fix fluid. The foundation itself will not fully cover anything. It will only tone down any redness.

To get the foundation out you need to press the top part of the foundation bottle. After you press it the foundation will ooze out from around the small circle in the middle of the bottle. 

I have an oily combination skin and i love this foundation. It kinda help to control the oiliness of my face. If you have dry skin, DO NOT worry. ^^ One of my friend has dry skin and she loves this as well. She said it does not accentuate her dry patch. 

To make it easy for you to decide, let's just move on to the pros and cons:


1. Long lasting foundation

I apply this foundation at about 8am everyday and by 9pm i still have coverage. The foundation did not separate. 

2. SPF22 PA+

It has a sunscreen property, so you won't need to worry about applying another sunscreen 

3. Light weight 

It is really light weight, almost feel like putting water on your skin. Non-sticky. I hate foundation that are sticky 

4. The price

It might be more expensive than drugstore foundation, but don't forget, you get the concealer. Which brings me to the next point,

5. Came with a GREAT concealer

At first i thought the it will just be a crappy concealer. I was wrong. The concealer is AMAZING. Really creamy, full coverage, easy to blend and is not cakey at all.

6. It does not break me out

I have been using this for the past month, and i did not detect any acne.  


1. It's not available everywhere. 

I know for sure that this is not available in Australia. Although i'm not sure about US or Europe. 

2. Colour range

They marketed this for people in Korea and i'm pretty sure most women in asia wants to have skin as fair as possible. As far as i know they only have 5 shades in the website 2 that are lighter than mine and another 2 that are darker. But in every counter that i have visited i only saw 4 shades. 2 lighter and 1 darker than mine. 

3. The packaging

As interesting as it can be, i have to say i hate cleaning the foundation form the top of the foundation bottle. If i apply too much pressure the foundation will ooze out again but if i don't apply enough, it won't be clean. 

Yea, i think that's all i can say. I really DO RECOMMEND this foundation

I hope you have a great week unlike me that has been sick for a couple of days. 


Couture MACqueen


  1. this foundation is available in australia

  2. hey, tahnks for the info, cause my friend who lives in Australia says she can't find it there. maybe she's not looking at the right place ^^

  3. Is it oil free? Cause I have huge pores and combination skin too so I don't want to break out...

  4. In the US I saw that it was available too P:

  5. what about the price? how many?

  6. the price in singapore is 55 SGD. I don't exactly remember how much i bought this in hong kong. If i'm not mistaken it's probably equivalent to 50 SGD. :-)