Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Foundation review - Giorgio Armani - Lasting Silk UV Foundation

Hi everyone, sorry for the silent treatment, but i'm back with a review for Giorgio Armani Foundation

So last saturday i went to times square at hong kong and found that they have a Giorgio Armani makeup at lane crawford. 

For sometime i have heard that Giorgio Armani's foundation is really good, but there isn't any in Indonesia. 

When i was at the counter i didn't really know which one is the one that people rave about, so i just let the makeup artist find the one that is suitable for me. 

Here is what she told me:

the "lasting silk UV foundation" is for oily skin


the "luminous silk foundation" is for dry skin (after doing some research by myself, this is actually an oil-free foundation, so i might want to try this one as well >_<)

Well, my skin tend to be more oily around the T-zone area and quite dry everywhere else. I hate looking oily, so of course i went with the lasting silk UV foundation. 

I am pretty upset with the makeup artist in that counter because she only apply the foundation on half of my face. I asked her to apply the foundation to the other half of my face but she looked at me like she didn't understand what i was saying (the main language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, but i can't speak cantonese so i asked her in english) although i am pretty sure that she understand cause i've been speaking english to her. 

Anyway i was really in a hurry so i purchased the foundation and the corrector. They both looked quite decent with the store lighting. The most upsetting thing is that when it is under direct sunlight, i can definitely tell that it is NOT my shade. I look awful with half of my face darker and more orange than the other. 

I was so angry! I was not anywhere near that counter to go back and exchange it with another shade, I do not bring my makeup remover, i wasn't done for the day (so i went out for half of the day with a crazy face), and there is no drugstore near me either. 

The next morning i tried to apply this "too dark and orange" foundation in the hope that i can still work this foundation. IT DID NOT WORK. When i first apply it, it looks quite okay, only slightly darker than my skin, but within 5 minutes it oxidized on my skin. My face looked horrible. So i wiped off the foundation and went back to my MAC face and body foundation. 

and i know this is supposed to be a review only for the foundation, but i wanna talk a bit about the corrector. IT IS ORANGE! scary!

Anyway, i am still persistent  that i want to try this foundation, so i purchased another one in the shade that is suggested by temptalia's foundation matrix. I really recommend people looking at this before they purchase any foundation, because it is quite accurate.  

I made the purchase at Giorgio Armani shop at elements mall (kowloon area). 

The makeup artist here is nice and she actually apply the foundation in my whole face! YAY for that ^^

So, i am in shade no 4.5 and i am NC25 for MAC studio Fix fluid. In case you are wondering, the first shade that i bought is in no 6.

okay, so now for the pros and cons


1. This is a really light weight foundation with good coverage. 

I have to say that this foundation have a decent medium coverage that is build-able. Surprisingly this foundation is so light weight. It doesn't look cakey or thick on skin. 

2. Long wearing as promised.

I have been testing this foundation for a while, and I am impressed with the long wearing property. I applied my makeup at 8 in the morning and usually took it off by about 9 at night. It doesn't look like when i applied it in the morning, but it doesn't crack or look crazy. The foundation is definitely still there, not like MAC face and body that will disappear in the end of the day. When freshly applied it will be more towards satin finish, but by the end of the day it will be slightly dewy not oily. 

3. SPF 20.

Will not give your face the ghostly white effect on flash photography, but give a little bit of protection. 

4. Blends easily.

I use my MAC 190 foundation brush. With a lot of foundation this brush will create a lot of streaky-ness. Not with this foundation though. 

5. It doesn't break me out.

My skin is prone to breaking out when i try a new foundation, but this one hasn't broke me out yet. I will keep this post updated if i did break out. 



2. It oxidized pretty quickly

My advice if you are going to buy this foundation:

1. Check temptalia's foundation matrix before going to the counter.

2. Check makeupally's review for this foundation and specified on your personal skin type to see whether this foundation will suit your skin.

3. Go to the counter and try the shade on half of your skin first, but DO NOT buy first.

4. Let the foundation sit on your skin for about 15-30 minutes and then go and see the foundation in direct sunlight. (DO NOT TRUST DEPARTMENT STORE LIGHTING)

5. If it matches perfectly to your skin then you can consider buying it. 

I hope this is helpful for some of you that are thinking to splurge on your foundation. 

As for the sigma review part 2, i hope you guys are patient enough to wait because there is some technical problem for that post. 


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  1. aww, so sorry to hear your mishap with the foundation, did they not let you refund it either?
    I wanted to ask, how much was it in Hong Kong Dollars? :) x

  2. Hi Vvn. ^^ they did let me exchange the foundation but at the counter that i bought it which is in causewaybay area. I wasn't gonna go there anymore so i decided to just keep the foundation for when i have clients that can use this.
    The price for the foundation is 430 HKD

  3. Oh wow! It's so cheap in HKD compared to in Canada. It costs about .. 65 cad here before tax which is about ~$601 HKD.

  4. Hi there! So I'm considering buying this foundation but we have no giorgia armani in the area where I live. However, I am a nc25, pink undertone, combo skin, do you think still think that 4.5 is a good enough shade? Idk if I should go later to 3 or 4...