Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review - Sigma Premium Brush Kit (Part 1)

Hey everyone,

I decided that i wanted to do this full review for Sigma Premium Brush Kit, just because i haven't seen that much beauty blogger do an in depth review for this set ^^

I will try my best to compare it with MAC's or other brushes that i have. But just keep in mind that i don't own all of these brushes from the kit in MAC's version. 

Before i get started, i need to make a disclaimer:
I'm pretty much a new beauty blogger. So sigma in no way contact me or give me this brushes for free. All of the brushes that i'm about to show to you guys are bought with my MOM's money. (she bought this for me as a gift, thank you so much mommy). This is my honest review. 

Okay, so, first thing first. I got this set a few months back when sigma has just launched this set. The coding in my brushes are still the old code which correspond with MAC brushes. I have used this brushes for months. So, I'm able to tell you pretty much everything (from a consumer point) you need to know before buying these brushes.

Let's get started then ^^

The first thing that i want to cover is purchasing, shipping, etc. 

This set costed me US$ 149 

Well, in term of price I think these brushes are more on the cheaper side. I mean, come on. If you compare this with the MAC version, it will be approximately US$ 500 (including the brush roll). 
That's a crazy difference (I still love my MAC brushes, don't get me wrong ^^) 

first, u guys need to know that i live in the south east Asia, which usually when i buy stuff from the US i might pay more for the shipping cost compared to the price of the products itself. 
So, sigma offered 3 different shipping cost:
1. 18 dollars for shipping in 2-3 weeks (i use this one)
2. 42 dollars for shipping in 2 weeks (damn expensive)
3. 45 dollars for shipping in 1 week
i am really glad that i never chose the second or third options. 
so i placed my order on the 7th of April, the next day i got an email that my brushes were already shipped, and i received my brushes on the 15th. Which is approximately about a week time. 
so this is a plus for me.

Enough of the rambling, let's jump on the product review.

Brush Roll
I don't have MAC's brush roll, but i have seen one. I have to say MAC's brush roll is not even comparable to Sigma's. MAC's is so flimsy, it's made out of nylon. Sigma's one however is made from synthetic material and has a stronger body. It's a really nice material and easy to clean. I feel my brush will be safe in this brush roll.
okay, so again i forgot to take pic of this, so i'm gonna show you the picture from

Dimension: 46cm(width), 26cm(tall) *without the snap button*

Large Powder - SS134 / F20

described as: Large paddle-shaped brush with fluffy and rounded tip. (Natural Hair)

what to use it for: bronzer, blusher, setting powder, sometimes i even use this as a high light brush.

i accidentally rubbed off the branding and code >_<

dimension: approximately 17.4 cm (overall), 4.8 cm (bristles), 5.4 cm (ferrule), 3.4 cm (bristle thickness)

MAC's comparison: 

- MAC's bristle is a little bit wider 
- Sigma's is denser 
- Sigma's handle is shorter 

left to right: Sigma, MAC

-Now, to me this is the most obvious difference. It might not look like they have so much difference, but the Sigma's one is definitely thicker. With that being said, the SS134/F20 is not as practical as MAC 134. The thickness made it hard to contour or highlight with. But as a setting powder brush this still works fine. 

ramble: If you are only interested in a dupe for MAC 134, i recommend you to just get a crown brush. They have a better dupe for MAC 134 which is "Jumbo Chisel Powder Brush C309" click here to see crown brush

recommendation: Not recommended 

Lip - SS316 / L05

described as: compact synthetic lip brush protected by a metal cap.

what to use it for: apply any lip products to create precision

dimension: 17.8 cm (total length when cap is used as the picture above), 0.7cm (bristle) 10.25 cm (when capped)

MAC's comparison:

-The shape of Sigma handle is not as elegant as MAC 316 (personal preference)

- The biggest disappointment of all is at the bristle. MAC 316 has a longer bristle, with that being said, MAC 316 is more comfortable to use. I find when i use Sigma SS316 / L05, my lips often get scratched by the ferrule 
- Sigma SS316 / L05 bristle is also not as soft as MAC 316

ramble: LOL, i think i started this review with 2 of my biggest disappointment, but i promise it will get better ^^. This doesn't happen to me, but i watched one review that said his cap doesn't fit nicely on the end of the brush, so basically, he can't make it into a full size brush. (maybe he's just unlucky, but mine fit perfectly)

recommendation: not recommended

Tapered Face - SS138 / F25

described as: Large domed brush with tapered tip (Natural Hair)

what to use it for: the side is usually used for sculpting and shaping and the pointed tip is used for blending, highlighting, or setting powder. 

dimension: 19.8 cm (length), 5.1 cm (bristle), 3.7 cm (thickness of bristle)

MAC's comparison: I do not own the MAC version of this brush

ramble: i really love this brush for setting my foundation with powder. not so much on blending products on your face.

recommendation: recommended

Duo Fiber Powder / Blush - SS131 / F15

described as: medium size tapered duo fiber brush (the shorter hair: natural, longer white hair: synthetic)

what to use it for: to apply highly pigmented blush or even to apply foundation 

dimension: 18.6 cm (length), 4.2 cm (bristle), 2 cm (bristle thickness) 

MAC's comparison: 

i can't find any significant difference in both of the brush. I use them pretty much for the same stuff and did not see any difference

ramble: i am satisfied with this brush, although it shed a bit, just like any other brush

recommendation: recommended

Powder / Blush - SS129 / F10

described as: Medium round brush (Natural Hair)

what to use it for: all-purpose blush and face powder brush

dimension: 18.9 cm (length), 4.1 cm (bristle), 3 cm (bristle width)

MAC's comparison: 

I do not own a MAC 129 brush in regular version. All i have is the special edition. short handle 129. From what i can see, Sigma SS129 / F10's bristle is not as wide as the MAC's version. It is also not as thick. I would probably say, that this is more comparable to MAC 116. Although i don't own that one as well. 

ramble: to be honest with you, i rarely reach for this brush. I'm most likely to use Sigma SS131 / F15 for blush. But what i like about this is that it packs on colour really nicely. The bristles are soft, and because this is somewhat thinner and not as wide as MAC 126, this brush offer more precision in blush application.

recommendation: it's an okay brush 

Tapered Highlighter - SS165 / F35

described as: tapered cheek highlighter (Natural Hair)

what to use it for: the tapered point make it a great brush for highlighting and contouring. But what i use this brush the most for is for powder foundation. I heard some people use this with liquid foundation as well. 

dimension: 17.8 cm (length), 3.5 cm (bristle) 

MAC's comparison: 

- Sigma SS165 / F35 has a shorter but thicker handle

- MAC 165 comes to a more pointed tip
- Sigma SS165 / F35 is fluffier
- Sigma SS165 / F35 shed more when deep cleaned

ramble: This is probably my sigma brush that i use the most. The difference within the MAC and Sigma for this brush are not that big of a deal for me. Do keep in mind that MAC 165 is a limited edition brush, so you can't get this at their permanent line. Anyway, I use Sigma SS165 / F35 almost everyday. I use this for my powder foundation, highlight, contour, and sometimes even blush. (I don't like to use too many brushes in one day, because i'm just too lazy to clean them at the end of the day) 

recommendation: highly recommended 

Large Concealer - SS192 / F65

described as: large synthetic concealer brush (Synthetic Bristle)

what to use it for: concealing larger area. This brush is also ideal to blend in any cream blushes or cheek stain

dimension: 17.3 cm (length), 2.7 cm (bristle) 

MAC's comparison: I do not own the MAC version of this brush

ramble: to be honest, i really rarely use this brush. I usually use my (clean) finger to blend concealer over larger area. It's just so much more practical and fast. I only use this when i'm doing makeup on someone else

recommendation: It's an okay brush. Nothing really special

Large Fluff Brush - SS227 / E50

described as: an extra large paddle-shaped brush with fluffed and rounded tip (Natural Hair)

what to use it for: eyes and cheek highlight. Use for applying or blending powder products

dimension: 16.4 cm (length),  1.7 cm (bristle) 

MAC's comparison: 

- MAC 227 has longer handle 

- Sigma SS227 / E50 is more fluffy than the MAC 227

- Both work as great. But i prefer MAC 227 for highlighting my eyes and Sigma SS227 / E50 for blending colour and face highlighter. 

ramble: this is one of my must have brush. I use this every day  

recommendation: recommended

Part 2 will be next ^^


  1. Hey love your in depth review. Thanks for posting this

  2. u're welcome. glad that you like it ^^