Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shu Uemura with Aya Takano

Like every holiday collection, shu uemura will work with a japanese artist to create a whole CUTE limited edition line which mostly has a makeup palette. 

So this year Shu Uemura chose to work with Aya Takano. A japanese pop artist that is always inspired by manga and american science fiction

This collection consists of:

sparkly paint crayon, 2 sets of eyelashes, 2 makeup palettes, 3 lip duo tint and gloss, limited-edition cleansing oil, blush tint, a mini brush set, and a makeup bag. 

Firstly I got 2 of the lip duo tint and gloss. I am pretty sure that they came out with 3 of these, but when i checked the US website there are only 2 of these. 

I got the "harmony pink" and the "love apricot"

left to right: love apricot, harmony pink, when both of them are stacked together

They are packed in this cute stackable jar. The gloss is in the top jar and the lip tint in the bottom jar. 

I must say that i won't necessarily call this a lip tint. It has the consistency of a matte lipstick. Even the makeup artist called this matte lipstick. So, let us all agree that this is lipstick. Okay?? ^^

i'm so sorry for the crappy quality of picture. I'm too lazy to take my usual camera, and i took these pics in my house in hong kong, so no good lighting.

left to right: harmony pink and love apricot

harmony pink: the lipstain / lipstick has a decent pigmentation. It is rather a neutral pink. 
The gloss has a bit of pigmentation.

love apricot: the gloss is basically just clear with sparkles. 
The picture doesn't do any justice for the lipstain / lipstick. It is a very nice peachy nude. LOVELY.

Okay, now for the palette,

This is the main thing that i wanted from this collection ^^ 

last year shu uemura came out with 2 palette with tsumori chisato. I have to say, both of those palette are not well put together. This time with aya takano they actually have one palette that is very neutral and wearable for everyday. 

it is the Bowwow! Magic Queen Palette

The palette has 3 eyeshadows (gold, taupe, and bronze), a black gel liner, a gold cream highlight, a very pale peach blush, a double ended sponge tip applicator, and a double ended liner and blush brush. 

Again I'm so sorry about the crappy picture that can't do any justice to the actual products, but here is the crappy swatch:

the blush doesn't really show up in this pic, but it is actually pigmented with a slight glitter.

Okay, i need to add, IF you are in Hong Kong, you need to buy Shu Uemura. I have just convert all of the prices. Last year when i bought this kind of palette from the tsumori chisato collection in singapore, i paid about HK$ 775 (after converting). I only pay HK$ 480 for this one.  Rumor has it that it is even cheaper than if you buy it in japan. 

After purchasing a certain amount of money, i got the makeup bag and a view other items for free, so this is the makeup bag:

Anyway, beside the aya takano collection, i did purchased their platinum makeup palette. It is damn expensive in Singapore. In Hong Kong I paid half the price of the price in singapore. So do the math! I'd be stupid not to buy it here.

So this is how it looks like:

It came in with 16 pcs of square double sided tapes for eyeshadows and a mirror if you want your palette to have a mirror on one side.

each side can hold 8 eyeshadows or 4 blushes. You can customized the palette how ever you want it. 

So that's all for Aya Takano 

Enjoy your day... ^^


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  1. What do you think of the Bowwow! Magic Queen Eye & Cheek Palette ? I recently got it but haven't tested it out yet !

  2. hi mokxi,
    i tried that palette as well, but i think i can dupe the colours with my collection. I really like the blues though! ^^

  3. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!