Monday, January 10, 2011

MAC haul feat. Cham Pale, Stylishly Yours, and Mickey Contractor

Last friday MAC launched 3 of their new collections here in Singapore, which are cham pale, stylishly yours, and mickey contractor collections. 

To be honest with you, i'm not really excited about these, but of course i still have to check them out to put myself out of misery. 

CHAM PALE collection

The only thing i want from this collection is the special reserve highlight powder in rose ole. 
The paint pots are not pigmented enough. To me they just look like a bunch of glitters. 
The lip gelee... hmmm.. let's not even go there. I HATE lip gelee despite of what everyone else said. I bought all of the lip gelee from MAC in lilyland collection and i don't even use them. they make my lips itchy and very uncomfortable. 

So i only got :
1. rose ole special reserve highlight powder, which looks like this, 

(swatches will be at the end of this post)

This is a really pretty blush color if you have light to medium skin tone or it will work as highlight for darker skin tone. I personally use this as blush because it is a very nice everyday color. 

Anyway, as you can see in the picture, i bought 2 of this. I'm thinking about doing some sort of a giveaway once i hit a certain number of followers. I've had some other stuff that i have prepared as well. So, follow this blog if you are interested in any giveaways. ^^

2. I got no kick eye kohl

I did not plan on getting this, but when i tried it on, i fell in love. This eye kohl is described as a metallic champagne color. Lovely to brighten up your eyes. i use this mainly on my lower lash line. My only regret is that it looks exactly the same with Make Up For Ever aqua eyes eyeliner in 23L. In the swatch above, the left on is i got no kick and the right one is MUFE 23L. The difference is that MAC eye kohl is way smoother and easier to apply while the MUFE aqua eyes stays on longer. 


I am never a big fan of wearing bold color makeup on myself, so I'm only interested in these:

1. Too Chic beauty powder 

3 of these collections have some sort of highlighter. Cham pale has "chez chez lame", mickey contractor has "gana blush", and stylishly yours has "too chic beauty powder". You can definitely just choose one of these. They are all quite similar. I love beauty powders. They have a very beautiful finish. 

2. Neon Orange Lipstick (amplified)

(the picture on the right is closer to the lipstick in person)

I have been looking for a great orange color lipstick for ever since i saw ashley greene's photo shoot for seventeen magazine. But this is nothing like it. On the lips it looks almost red. 


At first there is nothing i want from this collection, but when i saw the eyeshadow, i fell in love with "oomph" eyeshadow, it's a veluxe pearl. (I'm a sucker for VP's eyeshadows).

I saw the promotional images and noticed that in one of the picture the model is using this all over her lid, and looks supereb! 

-back to MAC-

I back to MAC some of my empty container, so these are what i chose:

1. Shy Girl Lipstick (cremesheen)

2. Pinkydee Lipstick (lustre)

3. Faux Lipstick (satin)

4. Blankety Lipstick (amplified)


(picture taken indoor)

(picture taken outdoor)

(taken indoor) L-R: Neon Orange, Shy Girl, Pinkydee, Faux, Blankety 

(taken outdoor) L-R: Neon Orange, Shy Girl, Pinkydee, Faux, Blankety 

That's all i got from MAC, I hope you guys enjoy this post!!


Couture MACqueen

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