Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Summer Cottage Trip

Hi there everyone..

Long time no see.

I have been busy doing nothing. haha.. I just have been resting and working on my sigma premium kit brushes review post, which i think will be up by this week *crossing fingers*

Okay, so last week i went to Melaka, Malaysia because my friend needs to do some of her school project about her field trip earlier this semester. So, she actually asked me and my 2 other friends to accompany her. Since i've got nothing to do, so I went there for 2 days and 1 night. It was really fun. I also really wanted to put some of the pics of my trip there, but my laptop decided that it wanted to be error when i was transferring the data. I ended up with just a few bad pics and lost all the others. * Sobs...*

So anyway, forget about all of the pictures. I did quite some shopping.

Well, i have been obsessed with youtube for more than a year now, and there was one time that a lot of makeup gurus at youtube became obsessed with LUSH and then after that came a lot of other brands like iVi scents, fortune cookie soaps, etc. I have been dreaming to try all of those things, BUT:
1. There is no LUSH in this country
2. I don't want to buy all of these kind of scent products from the internet just because i don't know if i will like it or not.

So the good news is:
When i was in Melaka, i went to this street called Jonker street (forgive me if i spelled it wrong). We were just walking with no sense of directions (because we were there on a "taking pictures" trip, so we just go around and around and around the area) and we accidentally went to one very small alley/street.
I was not really paying attention to whatever thing around me. But suddenly one of my friend pointed at this very cute shop. I wished i could show you the picture of the shop. It's decorated so girly and cute. a lot of white furniture and flowery themed. I went inside and actually this is a 'handmade soap' shop. The shop keeper is actually the owner who is also the maker of all of these soaps.

These are all of the soaps that i got:

I paid about 90 MYR, which equals to 29 USD. I got 4 good big chunk of soaps and one small free one. Which is obviously the yellowish in the middle one.

I have to say that i haven't really try everything yet, for a good reason of course, because i wanna take a good picture for this post ^^. The only one that i have tried is the free one. So let's just get to the SOAPS HEAVEN 

1. Oat Milk Bar Soap 

This is gonna be hard. It is always hard to explain about scents, but i'm gonna try. 

It smells fresh, sweet, and subtle. Nothing too overpowering I wouldn't really know that this is oat and milk if it doesn't have any name at the front. What make me interested about this soap is the oat layer on the top of the soap. It is supposed to be great for exfoliating. 
Here is a close up look of the oat layer:

2. Honey Milk Bar soap 

This one definitely smells like honey. and me love some honey. The smell is again very subtle. It definitely smells more like an organic honey rather than a "right in your face" artificial honey. To me this is the soap that i really feel like eating. Smells so yummyyyyyyyy.

3. Sea Salt Star Soap

This one doesn't actually have any name. i just made it up with the ingredients of the soap. 

I love the colour of this soap and i am all for exfoliating soaps, so I'm pretty excited that this one has sea salt exfoliator. It smells a bit florally but still fresh. 

4. Lemongrass Soap

Look at how gorgeous the soap is. I feel like keeping this and never gonna use this. There is nothing i can say about this but it smells like lemongrass. It's quite a strong one. 
I can understand if there are some people that will hate the smell of soap but i'm not one of them. i totally love it. And actually the seller said that lemongrass will be great if you have acne prone skin. I don't know how it works because i haven't actually try it. 

5. The Free Soap

I don't actually know what the name of this soap is or what's in it. The seller said it's a special flower. That's all i know. I have to say it does have a flowery smell. It definitely remind me of moringa or jasmine flower. 

So if you are planning to go to Melaka, you should check out this store. I will put the email of the seller down bellow, so you can probably email her and ask about directions how to get there. 

They only have one store and it is in Melaka. But she does say that maybe if you email her, she will be able to ship the soaps to where you live 

Okay i think that's all about this post, I hope you guys enjoy it.


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