Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haul #2

Hi Guys,

So, just when I think I've done enough shopping for the month, my mom asked me to go to the mall to check the price for some stuff that she wants to get.
*let's put the blame on my mom* 
I ended up looking through some more stuff at the department store. 

So after my last Chanel fall 2010 haul, I went to youtube to see people's thought about the collection. (Yeps, bad idea. anyway, shouldn't I be looking through those before i went shopping???)
So I saw quite some people are raving about Chanel's Fall 2010 "Pink Explosion" blush. 

And another thing that i really want to check out is Lancome La Rose Deco blooming glow. I think they are part of the fall collection as well. (i could be 100% wrong)

Okay, so here's the deal, they are both bloody EXPENSIVE. I can't be buying both. I mean, i can, but then I will not be eating for the rest of the month ^^. I have to choose one. 

Another bad decision that i made is that I decided that I will think about those while "window-shopping" at a MAC counter near by. 

Yea right, I ended up buying some stuff from MAC. Here it is:

1. Russian Red Lipstick (matte)

I can defend myself for this. I don't have any good red lipstick (although i really like my viva glam Cyndi). i've been really wanting a strong red lipstick. 
Russian red is one of MAC's bestseller red lipstick. Anyway, there's no harm in trying. 

gorgeous isn't it ^^
I tried to do lip swatches, but it's just not working. 
I need to find a tripod for my Canon EOS.

swatches will be at the end of the post 

2. Wind Me Up Dare to Wear lipglass

I skipped this one the last time i tried this collection. I just thought it's just a "blah"colour. very common and uninspiring. Yesterday, I was just curious and actually tried this on my lips, and it actually looks super nice and really great for an everyday look.

I don't think i need to justify it ^^

swatches will be at the end of the post 

After I purchased these 2 items, i finally decided that the winner is:

Hurray for Lancome. My decision is made because i think i don't need an overpriced pink blush. It looks gorgeous and all but I just am not flattered by the colour (the Chanel "Pink Explosion"). Just like "another pink blush"

Lancome La Rose Deco

I first saw this in MichellePhan's video. The product itself looks gorgeous. 
It might be another pink blush, but I can justify this as a collector's item and also i don't think i have anything like this in my collection. It's sheer but when you apply this, it looks like you just have a naturally blushed cheeks. no shimmer what so ever. Only a silver overspray that is gone after one swipe. 

The overspray in this product is not really affecting the beauty of the powder itself. Once the overspray is gone, you will not miss it (unlike MAC Marine Life high-light powder, which when the gold overspray is gone, you'll end up with just another pink blush. HA! I said it so much today). The point is, I actually likes it better without the overspray. It looks so delicate and elegant at the same time. 

I kinda forgot to take a picture of it w/o the overspray. but you basically get the idea right? 

swatches will be at the end of the post 

Okay, so my last purchase is from Shu Uemura

I have several Shu single shadows. Which I like so much but rarely touch because they are in my single shadows drawer (I mostly only use my palettes). So i decided I wanted to depot them and put them in a palette. 

When I went to Shu store, they only have the platinum palette which if I'm not mistaken (again I can be completely wrong because i didn't actually asked the SA, I saw the tag) it is freakin 98 dollars. I'm not so sure anymore now, cause i heard it's not really that expensive (I might go back there just to ask for the price ^^). I freaked out when i saw it being 98 dollars.
I ended up buying their compact powder case, which by the way you can use to put your eyeshadows or blushes. It's 20 dollars. 

this is how it looks like:

i just put 2 eyeshadows and a complimentary blush to go with the eyeshadows 

that's what i ended up with

I think i need to make another trip to Shu Uemura cause i need more palettes for my other stuffs. But maybe, i'll just wait and buy them during my trip to Hong Kong next October (I can't wait for it), because Shu Uemura in Hong Kong is so much cheaper than it is here >_<

One complaint for Shu Uemura's palette. Apparently Shu Uemura doesn't believe in using magnets for their palettes. I hate permanent palette. I want to be able to switch them around and customized them when i need to. 
All of Shu Uemura's palette is held by using a very messy glue that will never dry. it will just stay sticky and yucky all the time. It just looks gross to me. I ended up taking away all the glue with rubbing alcohol (such a tedious job to do) and use a non permanent reusable and removable Faber Castell tack-it to hold all of the pans. 
Okay, before i end this post, I would show you guys the swatches of everything i got:
left to right: Russian Red lipstick, Wind Me Up lipglass, Lancome La Rose Deco

The Lancome La Rose Deco isn't really visible in swatch, but i promise you, it looks good on the cheek. 

Okay, so that's the end of this haul, till next time


Couture MACqueen 

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