Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haul #1

Okay, I haven't been buying that much stuff for a while. So, last monday, I went to MAC with a mission to "back to MAC" some stuff. But ended up i did quite a damage to my wallet.

So first, from MAC
"Dare to wear"collection form MAC has been in store for quite a while, but I haven't got time to check those out yet, so i picked up some stuff from there (1 eyeshadow and 2 dare to wear lipglass)

MAC lime eyeshadow

This is actually not the one (which is zingy) that I wanted, but since the other one is out of stock, so I just picked this one up.
This is quite a bad purchase, since i think i won't be using this too much >.< But I'm not gonna return this. I think i can use this just to add a "pop" of colour. 
Overall the pigmentation is great and the colour is interesting.

Here are the swatches:

left to right: with black base, with white base, and with no base

MAC dare to wear lipglass

I got  "so bad" and "bold & brash"
So Bad is like a coral-y orange colour with a whole lot of glitters.
Bold & Brash, has the same colour as bold & brash pigment. a very deep, bold, pink that it is almost red. 

I really want to like these lipglass, but as far as the formula, i hate it. 
I bought these because i don't have that many lipglass with this crazy pigmentation, but i have to tell you that these lipglass are very sticky. The sticky formula made it harder to blend. It doesn't come off easily (which might be a negative or positive). I personally hate the glitters, because it lingers on your lips for quite a long time. 
One last negativity and i'll move on to the positive part. ^^
For some reason, the doe foot applicator doesn't seem to work well. I have heard this from some other review before, but didn't know what it feels till i tried it myself. The applicator doesn't really take any products from the lipglass. In the swatch i'm about to show you, it took me 8 dips to get those out (they are about 2 cm in hight). 

left to right: "so bad" and "bold & brash"

So, now onto the good part. These are VERY pigmented (as I mentioned before) and this is formulated to be long wearing (again this is a very personal preference). With that being said, I have to warn you that these products will stain your lips if worn for quite a while. 

I got 3 lipsticks form "back to MAC"

:) I'm always excited for "back to MAC' products. because they are FREE ^^ 
So the three colours that I got are:

- MAC freckletone lipstick
I might be the last person on earth that doesn't have this lipstick. but I finally got it.. YAY ^^
This soon become one of my favorite nude lipstick.

- MAC lustering lipstick
a very sweet colour that i will probably wear more for nighttime 

- MAC lipblossum lpstick
And yet another pink lipstick. i heart pink lipstick ^^


left to right: freckletone, lustering, lipblossum

next stop is Chanel counter. 
I have been thinking about their fall 2010 collection 
Since i saw michele1218's July favorite video, i've been thinking about the "taupe grise" single eyeshadow. 

So these are my chanel purchase. : )

1. Taupe Grise eyeshadow 
It gray with a hint of brown. 
The texture of this eyeshadow is really amazing. very silky smooth. The pigmentation is great, but not as wonderful as most of chanel's single shadows. 
As far as dupe, i can't find any dupe for this one. Not from MAC, UD, not even from all of the 3 "88 palettes"

2. Vert Khaki eyeshadow
to me this looks like a brown with a hint of green in it.
This is again a very silky smooth eyeshadow. Really easy to blend, the pigmentation is wonderful as usual. 


left to right: taupe grise and vert khaki

Last but not least:

3. Rouge Coco in No. 35, Chintz
To me this is like my lips but better colour. I have been wearing this on my lips every single day
This is a moisturizing lipstick that is really easy to blend. It looks sweet and elegant at the same time. 
Very recommended ^^


Yeps, so that's all for my first haul. 
i hope this is helpful 

couture MACqueen

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