Monday, May 23, 2011

Jill Stuart - Smooth Silk Powder Foundation

Jill Suart has the cutest makeup packaging ever!!!

To tell you the truth i don't have any expectation for this powder. I wasn't even bothered to look for the review before buying this. The packaging is super adorable and it has the initial "J" on the front. Well, my name starts with "J", so i thought it will be cute to carry this around in my purse. 

It has 2 compartments. the top one is to keep the sponge and the bottom one is to put the powder and mirror. The powder and compact is sold separately. I'm not sure what color i'm using because the powder pan is glued to the compact.  

All Jill Stuart's products that i bought are pretty heavily scented. I'm very bad at explaining scent though, but I think it smells somewhat like a sweet lotion. 

The texture of the powder itself is as the name, very silky and smooth. It has medium to full coverage. Doesn't look cakey. I haven't really used this that much to give a full review though. But if you love cute packaging, you should check Jill Stuart's makeup. 

I'll be posting 2 more products from Jill Stuart.. So check those out ^^


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