Monday, May 23, 2011

Jill Stuart - Jelly Eye Color N (No. 10, Vintage Decor)

Jelly Eye Color is somewhat like a cream or gel eyeshadow in the form of jelly. I'm not kidding, when you touch this it feels like touching Jell-O. 

I got the colour No 10, which is Vintage Decor. And like all the other Jill Stuart Packaging, this is super cute. I love the "Murano Glass" inspired lid. It looks very nice, and the jar itself is made of a legit glass. The glass itself has some pattern around the rim that looks like a rope to me. 

Jill Stuart Cosmetics' website claim that the product contains Pure Crystal Powder (which i'm not sure of what it is). The colour that i select is this really gorgeous dark brown. All of the jelly eye color has a ton of glitter or sparkle in it. When applied, it create a really nice dimension to the eyes. 

Like every other Jill Stuart Makeup, this product is also heavily scented. The website said it is scented with fragrance of Crystal Floral Bouquet (Which again I am not sure what that means). I'm not too keen about the scent, but the product itself i think is pretty.  

This product can be applied very sheer (like MAC big bounce eyeshadow, which doesn't seem to have that much colour pay off) or you can build it up. I have to say, this is way better than MAC big bounce eyeshadow. When applied sheer, MAC big bounce doesn't really do anything, but since this jelly eye color has a lot of sparkle, the glitter shine through. Also, when you build up the colour for MAC big bounce eyeshadow, it will just crease in no time. This did not crease until several hours, which i think is reasonable. 

Anyway, that's all i can say for now. I will be posting one more item from Jill Stuart soon. So check that out ^^


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