Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jill Stuart - Mix Blush Compact (No. 06, Fresh Apricot

I really need to learn how to take good pictures of stuff that has mirror. I feel like this pictures did not do any justice. Jill Stuart's packaging is super adorable in person, but in picture the colours look dull to me. 

Anyway, I got this Mix Blush compact in the colour no 06, Fresh Apricot. The blush came with retractable blush brush.  

The brush is linked by a chain. There are clasp at both ends of the chain to detach the brush from the blush compact. 

When I saw this at the store, i thought the brush will be a scratchy, low quality brush (like the brush that came with benefit's powder boxes). I was totally wrong. It's a legit soft goat hair brush. The brush is very dense but quite small. I feel like it's too small for a blush brush. I wanna try applying powder foundation with this brush, I think its density will help to buff in the foundation. 

Again, like everything else, it's heavily scented. The blush contains 4 different blocks; pale pink, medium pink, hot pink, and peachy coral colours. 

The colours balance each other out pretty perfectly. The peachy coral makes the pinks warmer. The finish of this blush is pretty amazing, super smooth and easily blended. I have to say that this feels kinda like MAC'e beauty powder (I'm a sucker for MAC beauty powders).

So to end this post, I will just say, I love this blush. 

Have a great day everyone.


Couture MACqueen 

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