Monday, October 1, 2012

Inglot Palette - Blush Palette

A little while ago, I got a chance to visit Johor Bahru. If you guys didn't know already, Inglot is a Polish makeup brand that is easily available in Malaysia. So I want there and bought a blush palette and an eyeshadow palette. 

If you are not familiar with Inglot, they are basically famous for their freedom system palette and their nail polishes. I didn't even bother to buy any nail polishes because they are quite expensive (I'd much rather get OPI or essie nail polishes). The freedom system allows you to customize your own palette. They have a ton of different palette combinations. Go check out their website if you are interested. 

These are the blushes:

And the swatches:

The blushes are very pigmented. I need to apply each blush with very light hand and a stippling brush. They are blend-able and very smooth. 

My favorite would be blush 34, It's a very subtle colour that i can use during day time. It has a slight sparkle, but doesn't really transfer to the skin. 

Blush 20 is a matte cool tone pink that is very flattering on the face. Slightly powdery but other than that, it's a really great product. 

Blush 29 and AMC 68 are also very nice and smooth. They have a slight coral tone and very wearable. 

If you have an Inglot store near you, I really recommend these blushes. They are reasonably priced (compared to MAC, UD, etc) and good quality. 

Have a great week ahead.. 


Couture MACqueen