Saturday, October 6, 2012

Current Obsession : Hot Pink Lipstick

I've been loving hot pink lipstick lately. Especially on days that i don't feel like putting on too much makeup. The bold colour helps attract people's attention to my lips rather than the absence of eyeshadow etc. 

Here's my top 2 pick of hot pink lipstick 

1. Dior Addict Extreme in the colour Plaza (476)

This is a rather sheer hot pink, but still give a statement. It doesn't have any shimmer and last quite well on the lips. 

And the swatch: 

2. Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop 

This is one of the lip butters that is very pigmented. It has a slight glitter and definitely much more brighter than the dior one. The staying power is not that great. Considering that this product is supposed to moisturize your lips, it can slide easily. I would recommend carrying a mirror at all times when wearing this. Aside form that, It's a really nice lipstick. Very bold and striking. 

here is the swatch 

I hope this inspire you guys to pull out your more daring lip colours and use them more often. 


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