Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Singapore Haul - day 2

Hi again everyone. I am super tired right now. I spent the whole day jumping from shop to shop. I didn't buy that much beauty products though, so here is it:

I found travalo at watsons taka. SUPER EXCITED. I've never tried this before. I bought two, which is the black and gold one. One for Viva La Jucicy and the other for Daisy. They are approximately 25 SGD.

Yesterday, I was flipping singapore's cleo magazine and saw the ad for the new L'oreal Color riche lipstick line. It is a few pages of different makeup look. One of it has this pic

An orange lipstick that i've been looking around since Ashley Grenne's photo on seventeen magazine. So, I went to check out the line. There are 20 colours in total, but for some reason, they only have 10 in the special lipsticks display. The colour in this ad is supposed to be the colour no 373, magnetic rose. They are SGD 20.90, but right now watsons is having quite some sale. So, they are 20% off. 

I am very disappointed in the colour. It doesn't look at all orange. It's just another coral lipstick to me. I really don't understand how they promote this shade with such an ad. The colour is not even close. 

When i swatched it in the store, i was pretty surprised how the real colour differ from the ad campaign pic. I bought this just to show you guys how inaccurate the ad is. 

Also, because I'm me, I can't just buy one, so tried some neutrals 

235, Nude. It doesn't seem like it has much pigmentation, but I like the sheen.

379, Sensual Rose.

Just so you guys can see the pigmentation, i did swatch these lipsticks on my hand.

L-R: 235, 373, 379

Okay, one last thing i picked up. 

Shu Uemura creamy dome blusher in sunlight peach. This is part of a collection, which means it's limited edition. I really like how easily blend-able this is. I haven't tried this on my face though. 

So that's all for day 2. ^^


Couture MACqueen 

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  1. urrgh!! That's so disappointing! I've been after an orange lippy for so long...but they're all the same, reddish coral xD