Monday, February 28, 2011

MAC haul feat. Wonder Woman Collection

I hereby declare that i am defeated by project 10 pan. Early february i decided to start project 10 pan, and when i have only finished 5 products, i started hauling again >_<

So, today the MAC wonder woman collection was in. I know some people say that the packagings are tacky, but i actually like it. I mean, it's tacky in a good way, because even if they don't put a huge wonder woman logo, people can sense that this is wonder woman themed. 

I didn't go crazy though, i only bought 4 items, and here they are:

1. Marquise D' Lipstick

I probably have at least 5 lipstick in the similar colour. I just bought this for the packaging. I'm a collector, so having several similar colour did not really bother me. But if you are not a collector, i recommend you to skip this lipstick or at least check first whether you have something similar.  

I have to say though, the packaging feels cheap. I don't have any problem with the design or choice of colour. It's just the material feels so cheap. You can almost see through the red cap if you hold it near a light. 

2. Emancipation Lipglass

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Again i bought this for collecting purpose. This lipgalss is HUGE. you will never finish it. The doe foot applicator is also HUGE, makes it hard to precise application. The applicator doesn't slide out easily from the tube. 

Here is a comparison of emancipation lipglass and MAC's normal lipglass

here is the swatch for emancipation and marquise d'

left to right: Marquise D' and Emancipation

3. Mighty Aphrodite Blush

Another giant product. This blush is in the size of beauty powder and mineralize skinfinish. 

The lighter colour is totally worth it. It is really pigmented, However the bottom half is quite a challenge. It's really hard to get it to show up when i swatch it. 

Here's the swatch:

4. Pink Power mineralize skinfinish

This will be the father of all my blushes, because it is really really really BIG. 

Here is the swatch:

Overall, i think the collection is okay. Not really interesting. All of the eyeshadows are having problem with pigmentation. The mascaras look fine, but they are never something that i will wear. 

After I went to MAC, I went to sephora. 

I picked up something that i have been wanting to try for the longest time, and they seem to always be out of stock. 

Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit. 

I've been wanting to try the infamous Pink Leopard and the other 2 colours seem nice.

So, here is the swatch:

Left to right: Peach Leopard (Bronze), Candy Leopard (Blush), Pink Leopard (brighten)

I hope you guys enjoy this post. 

Couture MACqueen


  1. is there a non mac dupe for Marquise D'?

  2. hey there, i think it's kinda similar to a maybelline lipstick in natural nude. I'm not really sure about the name and I'm in the process of moving out, so I don't have all of my makeup with me right now. But, it's just a very generic nude colour with slight shimmer and sheen ^^

    hope this is helpful