Friday, February 25, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon

I finally got my hands on these babies.. YAY.. I've heard a lot about these eyeshadow palettes, but never really have it. Wet n wild is not a brand that is available in singapore and even if i want to buy it online, it is kinda hard to get a hold on. 

Finally, cherub's lips, one of my favorite online shop here in singapore, brought some palettes in. You guys should check her out if you live in singapore.

So here is what i got:

1. Color Icon Eyeshadow trio in "Knock on Wood"

here is the swatch of it: 

At first i thought the last colour will be a dupe for MAC cranberry, but it is not. this has more red undertone compared to cranberry. 

2. Wet n Wild Color Icon in "Greed"

Here is the swatch of the palette:

I'm in love with the first color on the right. It's a lilac color with a lot of gold shimmer. It's the same sort of colour with MAC's Club eyeshadow, but instead of brown and green, it's lilac and gold. It creates this gorgeous dimension when applied to the lid. 

3. Wet n Wild Color Icon in "Pride"

Here is the swatch of the palette:

To be honest, I don't even know why i bought this palette. I rarely wear green and blue eyeshadows. Anyway, the first color in the left is supposed to be dupe for MAC gesso. I tried swatching them both, but i have to say that MAC gesso is not even worth it, compared to this. Wet n wild's is opaque in one swipe, where as gesso is not even that noticeable after several swipe. 
The shimmery white is also gorgeous. 

3. Wet n Wild Color Icon in "Lust" 

Here is the swatch of the palette:

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.. 

I have nothing else to say about these palettes. All of the colours are very pigmented. I guess if you compare the shimmery colour, you will not be that amazed because most shimmery eyeshadows don't have problem with pigmentation. The amazing part about these are the matte colours. THEY ARE AMAZING. The matte colours put MAC eyeshadows to shame. Even the black color from the "Greed" palette, is way more black than MAC carbon eyeshadow. 

If you can get these, please try. They are awesome ^^

I hope this is helpful and have a great weekend everyone.. 


Couture MACqueen 

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  1. Woww such awesome palettes!! Wish i could get WnW in my country...or someone wd just send me as a surprise gift..he he!!Anyways thanks for the swatches:))