Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Majolica Majorca

This is my first time buying anything from Majolica Majorca. I know their most famous item is the mascara, but i'm currently not interested in buying any more mascara. I have a ton in my collection, and another ton in my back up drawer. 

Anyway, I've seen these blushes in magazines before. It's just not out in the drugstore yet, so when i saw these, i jump and buy all of the colours available. 

Aren't those puffs ADORABLE???

anyway these are close ups of the colours with swatches:

1. Strawberry Macaron  

I don't know why they spell Macaroon like that, but i did double checked the name. Anyway, this is just a pretty pink colour. Reminds me a lot of MAC well dressed, although i don't have that to compare with.

Here is the swatch:

2. Peach Macaron

I have to say that this doesn't look all that peachy. in person this looks more like peachy pink. I like the colour though. This is the kind of blush that you can use for everyday.

Here is the swatch:

3. Apricot Macaron

This looks more peach to me. Haha. I don't really care about the name tough. I always love peach blushes, so I definitely have to get this one.

Here is the swatch:

Overall, my first thought about these blushes are good. I think the packaging is cute, the puffs are adorable, and they are pretty pigmented. I didn't use my usual setting for taking pictures though, that's why the colour are not showing up so great. 

For the cons, The colours are pretty basic colour. I'm pretty sure you can dupe these. Another thing that threw me off is the price. If i remember correctly, it is S$ 22.90. It's just too much to pay for a drugstore blush. 

Anyway, I recommend you check these out and see if you really like the colours and whether you already have something similar in your collection. 

I hope this is helpful


Couture MACqueen

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