Friday, February 3, 2012

Current Obsession : Revlon Nail Polishes

Have you ever tried Revlon nail polishes? 

I always trusted my nails to OPI. I know they can be expensive sometimes. Like if you buy them at Sephora (singapore) or any department stores, they will cost about SGD 23.50, in smaller stores they will cost about SGD 15-18, but if you find a very remote place or maybe online store they will cost about SGD 9-11 (I usually pre-order my OPI nail polishes from Wow! Pretty Nails)

Anyway, Revlon nail polishes in Singapore is quite expensive. If I'm not wrong, they retail about SGD 7-8 (my friend just informed me, it is SGD 12). So, I never thought that they are worth it, until I came back to Indo and saw that they are only about SGD 5 here (after conversion). I started by buying 3 and then my collection grew. 

L-R: Peach Smoothie, Cotton Candy, Gum Drop, Not So Blueberry, Beach

L-R: Silver Dollar, Revlon Red, Vixen, Midnight Affair 

L-R: Peachy, Jaded, Pink Lingerie, Grape, Hazy, Stormy

There are several formulation to these polishes. I'm not so sure how many, but from what i have there are 4. 

1. Scented Perfume 
As shown in the first picture here. These are definitely my favorite formulation. They are scented, so, they will smell nice once they dry. It smells nice even if you layer a top coat on it. The smell doesn't last forever though. I'd say they lasted for about a day and a half. They are scented according to their name (ex: peach smoothie smells like peach, cotton candy smells like sweet candy, etc) 

2. Metallic
I only have one of this, the silver dollar. I don't see any difference in application compared to their normal nail polishes. 

3. Their regular nail polishes

4. Top Speed
I have to say that this is probably my least favorite formulation. My complain for this formulation is the strong nauseating scent. You really need to be in a good ventilated room to apply these nail polishes. My theory is (don't quote me, I might be wrong) that because these polishes dry very fast, they contain more alcohol.

Despite the pros and cons, I have to tell you that Revlon nail polishes are probably one of the best affordable nail polish out there. Out of all that i bought, there is no lack of pigmentation. They are very pigmented, making the application easy. They are not streaky and they have a good range of colours. 

My top three would be Silver Dollar, Cotton Candy, and Revlon Red. 

I've even heard about revlon whimsical which is a dupe for a deborah lippmann nail polish. Not something that i'm interested in though. 

So, anyway, that's it for my current obsession. I can't wait to go to the mall tomorrow, because Revlon colorburst lip butter is finally out.. YAY! and i also can't wait for the nicole by OPI kardashian kolor collection (which will be out soon too) 

Have a great weekend everyone 


Couture MACqueen 


  1. lovely colors!!!

    Just wanted to tell you that I already posted My memories suite Giveaway! I hope you'll join!^^

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  2. Hi! can i know where in singapore do they sell revlon nail polish? as im looking for starry pink. thanks :)

    1. You can get them on watsons. But I think they don't have all the colours. If you want, you can try looking online like on ebay or you can join a spree :)